twins by fate

Yokoso. Welcome. (:

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If you want to add me, you should..

1. Be courteous, nice and friendly. XD If you're a total "I hate this world and I want to die" person, please restrain from adding me. As you can see, I'm a very jovial person. ^^;

2. Have at least one interest the same as mine. Of course, having more would be awesome. xP Hey, you can be my missing twin, yosh! <33

3. At least comment once in a while in my posts. I would love to hear from you and your opinions. ^^ Of course, I'll comment too in your posts. I'm not selfish, mind you. Everyone deserves having comments, shannaro! :3

You MUST comment under this post in order to be added. Otherwise, what's the point of this entry?

Add me only if you want to know me. Period.

Much love, starlight_19

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twins by fate

Blogcrews of absolute fun. :3

Because I recently got addicted to blogcrews and I've been meaning to claim my fave characters who were always taken, I created one myself. xD

It's damn frustrating to wait for the claiming so, yeah. I know there were tons of blogcrews out there who are just the same so, why is mine any different? Simple, really. Because we just can't get enough of pimping, yo! ^^-

Join! I know you want to. :D First come, first claim. >:3

(Stolen from kyoy-chan)

A blog crew is a place where fans can get together by representing their favorite character or any character of their choice. I think. It is not an RPG, no role-playing. All you have to do is claim & link. Some see this as a fanlisting with titles. While some, as a way to meet fellow fans. I just see this as pointless fun. Whatever your reasons are, if you want to join, join!

(Again stolen from kyoy-chan)

→ Application is open to everyone.
→ One character per crew per username only.
→ Comment with the character and crew you're applying for.
→ When in doubt whether your choice is taken or not, ctrl+f is the way to go.
→ If you can't remember the name, that's fine. Just describe the character and we'll go from there.
→ To avoid false hopes, reading through the latest comments will help.
→ Once accepted, please link back from your journal to this post. Otherwise, what's the point?
→ In case of mistakes, tell me so I can change it.
→ If you want to change your claim to someone else from the same fandom, notify me.
→ Deleted journals for more than 30 days will be removed from the list.
→ If you have a new account, please comment asap so I can edit before you lose your claim.
→ Affiliation is now open! If you want to affiliate, commenting is the key.
→ For questions, just ask.


Air Gear
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Detective Conan
Gakuen Alice
Law of Ueki
Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Ohjisama
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Ultra Maniac

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