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Sono Hoshizora No Nagareboshi

the starry sky's shooting star~

the one with random thoughts~
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e . j . 19 going on 20. Anime addict. Lazy and has a bad habit of procrastinating. Pessimistic by birth. Optimistic by nature. Cosplayer. J-music lover. Weird in so many countless ways. Hates sneezing. Not late, the world is merely early. Has a tendency to have a rebellious streak. Shopping is therapeutic. Cynical and Sarcastic. A complete freak of nature. Insanely unique. Feisty and Spunky. Can speak fluent Tagalog, English and some Japanese. Wishes my life isn't this complicated. Bibliophile. Laced with prejudices. Fanfic Writer. My life's a big adventure of sorts. 'Nuff said.

> > o f f i c i a l   d r i v i n g   f o r c e s

Card Captor Sakura // Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle // Naruto // Meitantei Conan // Gakuen Alice // Chrno Crusade // Fairy Tail // Axis Powers Hetalia // DNAngel // Ueki no Housoko // Hana Kimi // Magic Knight Rayearth // Romeo x Juliet // Fate Stay Night // Tales of the Abyss // Kuroshitsuji // Clannad // Prince of Tennis // Gravitation // Sukisyo // Vampire Knight // Shaman King // Inuyasha // Ranma½ // Avatar // Ginban Kaleidoscope // Heroes // Maou // Shinshi Doumei Cross // Yuu Yuu Hakusho // Le Portrait de Petit Cosette // Fullmetal Alchemist //

> > w h e r e   i   r o l l

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